Stardust Memories

A New story for us


This work is an outdoor installation that builds a castle of light by the twinkle of the stars. A star has been a symbol of people’s hope since a long time ago. In this work, the pray of people are reaching to the stars through the installation. To implement it, create the light objects that motif of a star. These objects interactively react when the visitor walks in the vicinity. The visitors who around of the stars, they will feel the force of stars. Another one who stands by far side will feel the twinkle of stars by some people who cross the stars, it like a sky gas.

In this artwork, I’ll use an object modeled from a brick that made was 100 years ago in Japan. I think that this brick has memories for 100 years. So, I know this year is the centennial celebration of Latvia, I’m so happy to if collaborate with Latvia and Japan.


Sculpture Artist

Born in Oita and lived in Kanagawa. Focus on the phenomenon that exists naturally in ordinary days, brush up a little to create as his artwork.

Sound Designer

Born in Nagasaki and lived in Fukuoka. He creates a lot of SE and Sounds. Founding member of “invisible designs lab”.

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