Japanese artist Yuki ANAI was born in 1987. He worked at teamLab for seven years and after leaving he started his own company "non-classic inc.". His artwork is working with lighting, sound, and sensing technology. He always inspires from a phenomenon of nature, a culture of an installation place. And, he desires to express "nature is a medium" through his artwork.

Artist Statement

Nature is simply nature. Even though it just exists, it has meaning. Its interpretation depends on the person. For example, almost all people have memories that are associated with scenes of nature like falling rain, a summer sunrise, rippling waves, etc. When one sees a similar phenomenon, it works as interactive media. In other words, nature has a message for each of us even though it simply exists. It is a medium.

I'm deeply interested in how to memorize the message that created by nature's phenomenon. Therefore, my works are always tied to the concept of nature. Especially, I am strongly desired to create a new experience that reacts to the five senses such as tactile, smell, and taste; It emergence from only visual information. Because I believe that the five senses are included in the memory with nature.

It is a very meaningful activity to evokes the memory that created by people and nature, which are present only inside of each person, that works as time machine from now to the past, it also is a message to the future. I’m certain it.